Hudson Investments
An Independent Registered Investment Advisor
Want the potential for above average market returns while improving your protection against sudden downturns?

Consider a growth or income account with Hudson Investments, an independent registered investment advisor. We use a different approach from big name brokerages or secretive hedge funds.

We're NOT:
1. Typical, conservative buy & holders of mutual funds like large brokerages
2. A company which enables you to do your own trading (that's fine, it's just not us)
3. Financial advisors: We don't tell you how much to save or how to run your life.
4. Day Traders (no Get Rich Quick here)
5. A hedge fund.

We provide a middle path, and our time has come. We trade securities for you, striving for above average long term return for you while adding protection against losses.

Accepting new clients with
$50K - $500K to invest.

Please call or e-mail Dennis for a brochure. Then, if interested, we can arrange for a free consultation at your convenience.
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